How to drop a class

To drop a class you're enrolled in or to remove it from your upcoming semester schedule,

1. Log in to MyTCCTrack
2. Click on Academics (with the graduation cap icon) in the expandable menu (or located on the left-hand side if you're on your desktop).
Select Student Planning> Plan & Schedule.
Find the course you want to drop.
Click the Drop button, which should be located under that course. A pop up window will appear confirming the course you want to drop.
Select Update to complete the drop process.

Note: Once you click Update, the course will still appear on your schedule but will change color, indicating you're no longer enrolled. You can remove the course from your schedule by clicking X.

How to add a class

Part I: Build Your Class Schedule

Before you register, you can search for classes to build your class schedule for your semester.

Visit the academic calendar to find important dates for specific sessions.

To search for classes and build your schedule,

1. Log in to MyTCCTrack.
If you need help logging in, visit our student login and password help page.
Go to Student Planning.
Go to Prepare to Register (Go to My Progress and View Program Requirements).
Find a course in your degree plan.
Select the course name (Ex: ENGL 1301) to view available sections.
Use the search options/filters to help narrow down your search by selecting: Term, Campus, and Open Sections.
Select Add Section to Schedule.
A pop-up window will appear with additional course section details.
Note: You are not yet enrolled at this step.
After reviewing the pop-up information, if this is still the section you want to add, select Add Section. If you wish to continue searching for another section, select Close.
Repeat as needed until you're ready to register.

You are not registered yet. You must complete part II to finish your registration.

Part II: Register for Classes (Complete Registration)

When you're ready to register,

1. Find the graduation cap icon and go to Student Planning > Plan & Schedule.
2. Review your schedule.
Select Register Now.

How to get a textbook

We only have the ability to get textbooks for courses at the beginning of each semester, therefore if you’re unable to get your textbook in the first week of class you need to email Mr. Cavanagh or Mrs. Jackson ASAP because if you get to the middle of the semester without a textbook, you can’t pass without it and we can’t get it for you.