Parent Expectations

The following are parental expectations if your student is accepted to Grapevine – Collegiate Academy:

  • I will ensure that my student has good attendance.
  • I will call the Grapevine – Colleyville CA when my student is absent.
  • I will ensure that my student has transportation to and from the CA bus pick up points.
  • I will expect my student to complete their homework and assignments. 
  • I will stay informed about CA activities by reading all school information sent home or check the CA website.
  • I will attend parent meetings or conferences arranged by CA staff.
  • I will monitor and discuss with my student their high school grades on Skyward and their college grades on blackboard.
  • I will contact my student’s MAPS teacher to address concerns I have with their college grades.
  • I understand that my student will be required to work cooperatively on assignments to help him/her apply classroom concepts to real world situations.
  • I understand that if my student does not maintain at least a 75 average in high school and college courses he or she may be required to attend additional tutorial sessions.