Collegiate Academy is designated as a Title I campus based on the district average percentage of economically disadvantaged students. At present,we have approximately 50% of our students who are considered economically disadvantaged. As a Title I campus, we receive additional federal funds to remediate/enrich our students’ instruction.

As a Title I campus, we are committed to:
Conducting an annual needs assessment in order to design and implement a successful campus plan
Implementing schoolwide reform strategies that are scientifically research based
Providing student instruction by highly qualified staff members
Providing high quality, on-going professional development to our staff
Attracting and keeping highly-qualified, well trained teachers and staff
Increasing parental involvement
Ensuring smooth transitions for students from grade to grade
Implementing a plan to ensure that ALL students master the state’s achievement standards
Including staff in decisions regarding the use of assessments
Coordinating and integrating all federal, state, and local services/programs to benefit our children