Collegiate Academy weekly clubs meet the last period of the day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
The Podcast Club
Sponsor: Mrs.Knutz
Email: [email protected]
Meet: Wednesday
Purpose: When we started the Podcast Club, we wanted a platform for students to express their ideas and for others to listen and be a part of the conversation. We want to be known as a club by the students, for the students. We have fun and educational topics, and are always open to suggestions! Soon we will also be able to go to the TCC campus and record in their studio! All members have the opportunity to host on the podcast. There are jobs from editing and writing the script to posting on our Instagram and making graphics. You’re welcome to do anything, and we know you will have fun

Student Ambassadors
Sponsor:Riley Cavanagh
Meets: Tuesdays
Purpose: When you all made the decision to come to Collegiate Academy it was likely influenced in one way or another by the student ambassadors that came to your school and tried to sell you on the Collegiate Academy experience. They aren’t limited to going to middle schools, but instead also have a program setup with elementary schools in which they mentor 5th graders, and are the students that we call upon to meet with visitors to our school. If you’re the kind of person that can sell ice to an eskimo and wants to help other people share in the amazing opportunity you’ve been given at Collegiate Academy then this is the club for you!
3D Printing and Design
Sponsor: Mrs. Roberts
Meets: 6th period
Purpose: Do you enjoy designing in 3D space? Want to learn? We use various applications to create fun designs and meet challenges, then we print on 3D printers!

National Honor Society
Sponsor: Mrs.Roberts
Email: [email protected]
Meets: Thursdays (monthly)
Purpose: Members consists of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors that exemplify the four pillars of NHS: Scholarship (high GPA and willingness to help tutor), Service (volunteering and community service to help a larger community), Leadership (actively involved in clubs and organizations), and Character (demonstrates what it means to be a Phoenix).

UIL Academics
Sponsor: Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. McCormack, Mr. Ruiz
Meets: various 5th and 6th periods, email for schedule
Purpose: This club is for people who enjoy math, science, computer science, social studies, or English. In total, we compete by taking tests at competitions in 7 categories: Mathematics, Number Sense, Calculator, Science, Literary Criticism, Social Studies, and Computer Science. Each of these teams is taught and prepped for competition by our team captains and our president.
Sponsor: Mr. Valentin
Meets: 6th period
Purpose: Collegiate Soccer is a  Co-ed team that competes with other ECHSs and with each other.  If you like soccer you will love CA Soccer!
Student Council
Sponsor: Mr. Ruiz
Meets: Tuesdays
Purpose: We all want to make a difference and we all know the best way to improve our school. Student Council is the club that has the biggest impact on changing and improving our school every single year, whether it be through planning our dances, the festival of lights float, or any of the other extremely important activities Mr. Ruiz has you doing. If you’re someone with great ideas and is looking to improve the school you chose to attend then this is the club for you!
Sponsor: Mica Barton
Meets: Mondays and Wednesdays
Purpose: Everyone wants to be voted most likely to succeed, best hair, or funniest jokes, but even if you don’t win it’s awesome to get to decide which hilarious pictures of your friends end up in the yearbook to accompany those awards. If you’re someone that is only a couple million Instagram followers away from internet stardom and who loves to put filters on any and every picture you’ve ever taken then this is the club for you!

Chess Club
Sponsor:Ethan Lingren
Meets: Tuesdays 6th period
Purpose: Chess is one of the oldest games in the world and remains a symbol of intelligence and tactical thinking today, it is also really fun! Come learn to play or play better at our CA Chess Club!

Computer Club
Sponsor: Benjamin Schubert
Meets: Tuesdays 6th period
Purpose: Computer club is dedicated to the learning of technology in fun and engaging ways. We split up our meetings into software and hardware dedicated days. In terms of software, we have been focusing on learning Python and Linux using tools such as our Raspberry Pis, virtual machines, and IDEs. During hardware dedicated meetings we study the various components that allow a computer to operate, such as RAM, storage, CPUs, and motherboards. To do this, we have computers that we take apart and reassemble. Moreover, the club emphasizes the importance of certifications. Currently, we are working towards our members to receive the CompTIA A+ certificate. This entry level IT certification will open up the door to the realm of computer related jobs such as a PC technician. We are excited for the coming years, and can't wait to see what our members go on to achieve in the world of computers!